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HISTORY IN IMAGES: Pictures Of War, History , BATTLE FOR STALINGRAD: The most brutal fighting; it turned the tide against Nazi Germany (LARGE IMAGES)

1941, Union Soviétique, Un Sd.Kfz.10 et des soldats de la SS-Division "Reich" (mot.) traversent un village |

1941, Union Soviétique, Un soldat allemand armé d'un fusil antichar PZB-39 (Panzerbüchse 39) de 7.92mm surveille le front depuis sa tranchée. Un soldat en arrière-plan, armé d'un Mauser 98k. |

German radiomen come under fire somewhere on the Eastern Front, summer 1941. Note the substantial whip antenna of the main radio unit. The artillery shell explosion is too close for comfort -- and the men around the radioman, who remains cool, shrink instinctively.

Vision of hell. German machine-gunner in the burning heart of Zhitomir. Ukraine, in November 1943. The town fell to the Russians on November 12, 1943

Marshal of the Soviet Union G.K. Zhukov on horseback.During the victory parade in Moscow in June 1945, Zhukov was allowed by Stalin to take the salute of the Red armed forces because of Stalin's fear that if he were to ride into Red Square on a stallion, he could be thrown and humiliated in front of millions as he was not a competent rider.Zhukov thus arrived triumphantly at the gallop in a square entirely covered with cobblestones, one of the harshest surfaces for a spirited cavalry horse.