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Tibetan Cavalry armor

Cavalry armor, 18th–19th century Tibetan, and possibly Bhutanese and Nepalese elements, iron, gold, copper alloy, wood, leather, and textile, assembled based on photographs taken in the 1930s and 1940s in the Tibetan capital of Lhasa during the Great Prayer Festival. The photographs showed troops of ceremonial armored cavalry, who wore a standardized set of equipment as stipulated by the central government of Tibet probably from the mid-seventeenth or eighteenth century onward. Met museum.

Photo by Auguste Francois, ca 1870, depicting Su Yuanchun, (1844-1908 AD) a Manchu general in Guangxi. A tough illiterate Manchu, Su Yuanchun was one of the last great warrior Manchus. He distinguished himself in the field and made it from a simple soldier to a distinguished general in a time when the Qing fought battles against modern firearms with sabers, spears, bows, arrows and matchlock muskets. He commanded a force against the French at the battle of Zhennan Passwhich and won.

Tibetan Lamellar Helmet: 3/4 View - "Tibetan helmet, of a type used from the 8th – 16th centuries. Helmet skull made of eight plates laced together with leather, with an attached skirt formed from the type of lamellar known as 'willow leaf.' Surprisingly well-preserved examples of these helmets still exist in Tibetan monasteries, having been acquired and maintained by the priesthood from warriors who took vows."

As far back as the seventh century Japanese warriors wore a form of lamellar armor, this armor eventually evolved into the armor worn by the samurai.[37] The first types of Japanese armors identified as samurai armor were known as yoroi. These early samurai armors were made from small individual scales known as kozane.

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