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Vincent Price #25: In an original tale of the macabre, it's a story of heroes, monsters and damsels in distress. But in this tale nothing is quite what it seems. When a young biker comes to the rescue he finds himself caught up in a fight for his life. Can he save the girl? And if so, who will save him? PAWNS, a stand alone, thrill a minute run through the woods!

The Shining "The spectral twins that haunt the Overlook Hotel can't be separated. From their first appearance, when they show up for a split-second as hundreds of gallons of blood gush from the opening elevator doors, you know that whenever they're around, bad things are going to follow. The daughters of Charles Grady, former caretaker of the Overlook, the twins appear to young Danny Torrance to serve as a macabre warning of exactly what happens over the winter - dads go crazy and families…

Vincent Price #6: This one shot features a brand new story called THE DAME! Private eye Frank Wood (Vincent Price) takes on a case in which he must track down a wealthy husband's beloved missing wife. As Frank investigates the case further, he realizes the client is hiding a major secret about his wife. A deadly secret.

Vincent Price #27: After being rescued from a flood by a man named Brandon, a married couple soon learn the hard way that their savior is in fact a serial killer who plans on holding the couple captive in his home.

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