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9x10 - PEACE SIGN/HEART/ROSES (STONES) - bargain items, bargain rhinestones, Peace sign, Bargain Rhinestones/Rhinestuds, Material Transfer, Marilyn Monroe

9x7 - LOVE GOLD & WHITE HEART - (FABRIC / STONES) - bargain rhinestones, Bargain Rhinestones/Rhinestuds, Material Transfer

9x9 - Rhinestone and Rhinestud Heart with Rose - flowers, Flowers Butterflies and Birds, hearts, rhinestones, rhinestuds, roses, Material Transfer, Flowers, Hearts & Love

11x14 - WINGED HEART (STONES / STUDS) - heart, rhinestones, rhinestuds, winged heart, wings, Bling, Material Transfer, Hearts & Love, Wings

14x16 - GOLD CROSS WITH WINGS (STONES / STUDS) - Cross, cross with wings, gold, gold cross, Rhinestone, Rhinestud, wing, Material Transfer, Crosses & Fleurs De Lis, Gothic

10x8 - KEY HOLE HEART - heart, key, lock, love, Material Transfer, Fashion, Hearts & Love, Ladies Fashion