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Sheros.  Las mas chingonas.  #powerfulwoman

Sheros. Las mas chingonas. #powerfulwoman

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"Why do I scare you when I open my mouth but not when I open my legs?

Chicana pride

I may not be chicana but I'm pretty damn close!

Libre como las mariposas ♀#feminismo #feminista                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Libre como las mariposas ♀#feminismo #feminista More

Brown Berets are a racially Mexican American group that emerged during the Chicano Movement. The Brown Berets focus on community organizing against police brutality and advocate for educational equality.

chapter of the Fresno Brown Berets - Autonomous Chapter, circa Catarino “Gato” Hurtado, who passed away on February 1977 was the founder of both the Fresno Brown Berets & La Raza Unida Party