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from Seventeen

12 Brutal Text Message Breakups That Will Seriously Hurt Your Soul

Other - Kellyi suck, i got a f in mathMy life is over.Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift, that's why it's called the present. Don't beat yourself up about it.Nick you're the best bf ever! That's beautiful, where's it from?Kung Fu Panda. :)Of course it is -_-


Dean is everywhere...

Hahaha I thought it was serious at first until I saw the second half....LOL

"Ya, overprotective dads are pretty scary but nothing is worse than an overprotective older sister. Dads are ok with jail time, but an older sis can kill u, hide ur body and be back in time for dinner"

"My girlfriend just called me and asked me why I had flowers delivered to the apartment... They're for her birthday... She forgot her own birthday "

"Dude if I ever date someone we're gonna have sing offs, go on dumbass adventures, and have Netflix marathons. "