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Taco Bell anti-veggie ad pulled after customers complain

Taco Bell has pulled an ad off the air after customer backlash. The ad was intended to promote a variety 12-pack of tacos, but instead promoted how lame vegetables are. Luckily, now you know people will hate you if you bring them to a Super Bowl party.

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15 GIFs That Sum Up Your Freshman Year Of College

Feeling lazy? Please stop and take a look at this video. If they can do it so can you. 2014 Kia Soul Hamster Commercial (Lady Gaga "Applause" Official Song)

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Deforestation 'may have started west Africa's Ebola outbreak'

The Prince of Wales with the French environment minister Ségolène Royal and climate change secretary Amber Rudd. France’s environment minister Ségolène Royal told a London summit...researchers believe the destruction of forest habitat brought bats, known to carry the virus, into greater contact with humans.