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Matangi Devi - "Matangi is the adviser of Tripur Sundari. She is summoned to attain command over speech, creativity and knowledge. Matangi is considered as the first mortal being and gave birth to humankind. She is depicted in various forms. She is depicted as green or blue holding a Veena, Knife and a Skull. At times she is seen seated on a corpse, holding a skull and a bowl of blood, with untidy hair. She therefore also represents the transformative power of the Mantra....."

Богиня без головы Чиннамаста и другие безголовые истории из Индии и Тибета. 18+: gorbutovich

[Kali] She can spiritually hack away at the handcuffs that keep us shackled to the hungry ghosts of the past.There comes a point in the process when you must surrender fully to her healing powers,& let her bring you back cleansed, transformed, whole.-Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

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