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The events generated by the mouse come under low-level events. We have seen previously how to handle the events of a mouse when the mouse is stable with MouseListener. Let us handle the events when the mouse is in motion.
Following Drop Table JDBC code deletes the table Employee. All the records also deleted with the table. drop table SQL command is used.
Platform-Independent  "Java compiled file known as .class file can be executed on any OS without bothering on which platform (OS) the source code was compiled". That is, a Java source file can be compiled on any OS and executed on the same or any other OS. This is quiet contradictory to other languages like C/C++ where these languages should be executed on the same OS where they were compiled earlier.
After learning the GUI creation through 8 steps, for more command over button event handling, apart this one, another two programs are given – Making Button Enabled and Making Button Invisible.
You can call the methods with their names (references) with :: operator.
Three Great Principles – Data Binding, Data Hiding, Encapsulation .  To go before into the subject, just read the program twice. You may guess some values how they are printed
In AWT components, we came to know every component (except Panel and Label) generates events when interacted by the user like clicking over a button or pressing enter key in a text field etc.
Java Compiler – Is Platform-Independent?  A compiler job is to compile the source code into an executable file. An executable file, as the name indicates, gives output when executed. Every OS comes with its own set of functions and for every OS operation, the OS makes a function call to do the job.
At the point when WebLogic Application Server (or any Web server like Tomcat) begins, associations from the association pools are opened and are accessible to all customers. At the point when a customer shuts an association from an association pool, the association is come back to the pool and gets to be accessible for different customers; the association itself is not shut. There is little cost to opening and shutting pool associations.
prepareCall(String) is a technique for Connection interface that profits an object of CallableStatement.  setInt() technique is acquired by CallableStatement from PreparedStatement interface.  OUT parameter ought to be enrolled with CallableStatement article utilizing registerOutParameter() method.Note what strategy for Connection interface gives back the items 3 announcements.