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Interesting Fact! Fifty percent of the United States lies below the ocean. #interesting #earth #ocean

Fifty percent of the United States lies below the ocean.


Top 10 Most Ancient Lost Cities in the World

Fake pinned as "Lost City of Atlantis Archeological Dig, Nassau, Bahamas." - It is actually Part of the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, Bahamas.(Just a tourist attraction.not real)

Ramses II - Blue Lapis and Gold

I have pretty much been in love with anything Ancient Egyptian my whole life! mInnermost funerary coffin of King Tut Ankh Amon, Museum of Egyptian Antiquities ~ Tahrir Square, al-Qāhira (Cairo), Egypt.


“ King Tut’s tomb - Horus, son of the Goddess Isis, conceived by penetrating herself with her husband/brother’s penis after he was murdered by their brother Set, and his body parts.

Mount Ai-Petri, Crimea, Ukraine

Suspended Footbridge, Crimea, Ukraine photo via chic -Hanging bridge in Mount Ai-Petri, Crimea, Ukraine.

Warning our calls have just stopped 48 hours short of the election :(

Take a closer look on how to reduce vehicle running costs in all areas. From driving habits to which car to choose, its all covered here!

Mysterious Enormous Underground Labyrinth Of Egypt Holds Secrets Kept From The Outside World, page 1

nickkahler: “ Athanasius Kircher, Engraving of the Egyptian Labyrinth, 1670 (via lablab) “According to the BC Greek historian Herodotus, who stated that he himself had seen the building,.

Tutanchamuns goldener Armreif mit Skarabäus

Ancient Egyptian Jewelry The Scarab beetle symbolizes hope. It also symbolizes bugs.

Tutankhamun. All in gold !!!

Innermost coffin of Tutankhamen from his tomb at Thebes, Egypt, Dynasty XVIII. Housed in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo.

The smile that lasted 3,000 years – King Tut’s mummy goes on display for first time | Daily Mail Online

The smile that lasted 3,000 years - King Tut's mummy goes on display for first time

King Tut Sarcophagus from Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs exhibition

Visuals for Le Chandail de Hockey, including Maurice Richard's hockey sweater. From Canadian Museum of History exhibit.

What was it like to be a fan of Maurice Richard and the Montréal Canadiens in the winter of and why did Roch Carrier write about this period of his life?

American Marine comforts orphaned Vietnamese child, 1969

Vietnam War - an American soldier holds a Vietnamese child, who fell asleep in the soldier's arms.

the world after us : Abandoned wrecking yard. Looks like a traffic jam that got trapped in time.

Art Chatillon Car Graveyard from WWII in Belgium - cars were left by soldiers because they were too expensive to bring home. Looks like a post-apocalyptic highway. peace-for-our-time-all-things-wwii