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Our new Nuclear Notebook Interactive is a terrific way to see at a glance who has nuclear weapons, when they got them, and how those numbers relate to each other,.

Game of Thrones: The dragons and nuclear weapons nexus | Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

December 3rd is #GivingTuesday! Help the Bulletin keep information about the existential threats of nuclear weapons, climate change, and emerging technologies coming-- visit our "Donor" page and making a contribution. And thank you for your support!

The Austrian pledge grows out of a broader initiative on the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons, which has not emerged without controversy.

On January 22nd, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists will announce whether the hand on the iconic Doomsday Clock will move closer to midnight. The Doomsday Clock has been at 5 minutes to midnight since 2012. The Bulletin's Science and Security Board looks at climate change, nuclear weapons, and emerging technologies to determine how close humanity is to destroying itself, and sets the Clock accordingly. Watch the event live at the Bulletin on Thursday, January 22nd, 11 am EST.

The Outer Space Treaty keeps weapons of mass destruction out of orbit. That's not the same as prohibiting warfare in space. Some nations have successfully tested destructive antisatellite weapons in space and many more are presumed to possess antisatellite capabilities. Could space warfare lead to nuclear exchanges on earth?

Of weapons programs in Iran and Israel, and the need for journalists to report on both | Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Information was once scarce and valuable - now it is abundant and free, which has given rise to new needs for organizing and communicating. From playful infographics to artistic data visualizations,...