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Just doing my part and spreading the word. Make sure you share these with everyone you know so they know not to spread these around!

These photos are from tonight’s sunset and I am all sappy and emotional looking at them because it was a beautiful night with my family! We are just steps from a beach here in Hawaii so we promised that we wouldn’t miss a sunset. So far we have only missed a few and those were …

La bibliothèque, ou l’art de sublimer son salon (20 photos)

compact stair

the sun watches what I do but the moon knows all my secrets. J.M. Wonderland via (

Felt I accomplished something today! I challenged myself to something that I thought I couldn't do. I was scared. It'll sound stupid. But it was about being honest and feeling unable to accomplish something. I shared my fear with someone and achieved something I thought impossible. The sense of achievement and success was beautiful. I just wanted to share. You all have. Thank you. And keep going, sharing your goals, success and failure inspires us all. @mypeakchallenge #mpc2017 X

I follow paths lit by the stars. I follow roads you can only see in the night. They lead me to places in my dreams. They lead me home to where my heart lies. It is on these roads that I hear my song. Of who I am and where I belong. Paths lit by starlight, I walk. On the wings of dreams I ride.

The Muggle's Guide to The Harry Potter Studio Tour in London

The Muggle's Guide to the Harry Potter Studio Tour | Harry Potter fans unite! It's time to geek out in London at the Harry Potter Studio Tour and celebrate the best fandom in the world! Click to read all about my experience and see photos from the actual movie sets or pin it and save it for later. | London Travel | Geek Travel: