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The 33 Best Chandler Bing One-Liners

   Some of Funny quotes   · Borrow money from a pessimist, you know why, they will not expect it back. · I want to peacefully die in my sleep as my grandfather did, not screaming and yell…

Phoebe Buffay's 27 Best Lines On "Friends"

Phoebe from friends influences the way I portray Barbs as she is very quirky and fun just like barbs, and that although she says some silly things she always has a point just like barbs.

Movie and TV tidbits (31 photos)

rachel n ross fighting!! hilarious! #friends #tvshow #rachel #ross

Community Post: 22 Reasons Rachel From "Friends" Would Make An Awesome BFF

My number one television show is Friends. The character "Chandler" reminds me of myself due to his sarcastic sense of humor.

Like A Ross.

Mine &Wes's FAVORITE go-to show EVER! 55 Pics! Gotta love Friends!!

pictures from friends tv show | Dump A Day funny friends tv shows quotes - Dump A Day

my favourite pheobe moment!