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Steampunk Tinkerbell, MegaCon 2013 (costume made by JoEllen of Firefly Path. photo credit: EPBOT)

The worlds most adorable Tinkerbell EVAH! Steampunk Tinkerbell cosplay created by Firefly Path

Alluring Raven Cosplay [Picture]

Alluring Raven Cosplay [Picture]

Gillykins as Raven at MegaCon Picture by insidethemagic (CC). Be sure to check out out picture gallery from MegaCon 2013 right here for more pictures of the event!

AQUAMAN. Pinning because the detail on this costume is beyond epic!

I am looking forward to the new Aquaman cosplayers! Aquaman Cosplayer: The True Aquaman Costume by: Prince.

Rick Stafford, Aquaman cosplay costume at MegaCon 2013. Aquaman's battle armor. http://www.aquamanshrine.com/2013/04/aquaman-cosplay-at-megacon-2013.html

Mary Mother of Goddess! That is not only the single most impressive Aquaman cosplay I've ever seen, that may by the most impressive fan made armor I've ever seen!