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Có những ngày chỉ muốn trở về quê Nằm nghe gió rít qua hàng song cửa Nói với mẹ: Con không đi làm nữa Mẹ nuôi con đọc sách hết đời, nghe?

In this download, there are 11 ready-to-go kids yoga class plans for tweens (kids aged 8 to 12). It’s a 38 page PDF crammed with tried and tested class detail. Here are the classes included in the download: Partner Fun! Children work in pairs to explore yoga postures, learning to balance and support each other. Yography! We travel the world, …

“With realization of one's own potential and self-confidence in one's ability, one can build a better world.” ~ Dalai Lama

The most divine mission of every human being is to explore himself. We all contain a seed, which is the source of unlimited possibilities and our link to the source. The nurturing of this seed is the source of fulfillment and joy. The pursuit of own understanding is the ultimate divine purpose of life and the true path to enlightenment. To discover our own seed, we need to follow our inner intuitions, not the outer expectations. ~ Osho

I've come to the house of the Immortals: In every corner, wildflowers bloom. In the front garden, trees Offer their branches for drying clothes; Where I eat, a wine glass can float In the springwater’s chill. From the portico, a hidden path Leads to the bamboo’s darkened groves. Cool in a summer dress, I choose From among the heaped piles of books. Reciting poems in the moonlight, riding a painted boat…Every place the wind carries me is home.—Yu Xuanji.