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Newsbud Kickstarts Funding Drive: Let's make this happen | Published Feb 15, 2016 | | "Visit for details.

Record 346 inmates die, dozens of guards fired in Florida prisons | Daily Kos | "The USA has a prison crisis of epic proportions. W/just 5% of the world population, but 25 % of the world's prisoners, the USA has, far & away, the highest incarceration rate, the largest # of prisoners & the largest percentage of citizens w/a criminal record of any country in the world." Plz take the time to READ & SHARE this article. It's important.

Vetran Responds To Army Corp of Engineer letter to silence free speech | #NoDapl Archives | Published Nov 25, 2016 | | I absolutely agree with this veteran. This is happening to keep the veterans out and they don't want to see the police going up against veterans on the evening news. Click to watch and share video (10:55).

LIVE Stream: Bernie Sanders Rally in Rapid City, SD (5-12-16) Bernie Sanders Memorial Park Rally | Bernie Sanders Speeches & Events | Streamed live 5/12/16 | | Click to watch and share video (46:13).

Watch Trey Gowdy's Explosive Question About Obama Refusing to Obey the Law - YouTube BAMMMMM Gowdy strikes again....and proves that Obama is covering up!!!!

Be the Change You Want to See | Bernie Sanders | Published May 24, 2016 | | "Bernie, you're no longer walking alone." Click to watch and share this new Sanders video (1:49).

Donald Trump's History of Inciting Violence | | The man's a pure piece of shit. He knows exactly what he's doing and anyone voting for him is nothing more than a racist piece of shit desirous of a fascist form of government. Heil Hitler! Disgusting!