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Why is the media ignoring the largest prison strike in U.S. history happening right now? - Matador Network

Standing Their Ground: African American Farmers vs. the USDA| The Laura Flanders Show | Published Aug 30, 2016 | | "This timeline is one of the first to follow the troubled history of African-American farmers in the United States. It shows what happened leading up to, and after, the high profile Pigford vs. Glickman case where over 300 African American farmer plaintiffs sued the USDA for racial discrimination." Click to watch and share video (1:19).

**MUST WATCH: History Of Race Baiting In America! (Video 11:09) | Published on Aug 17, 2015 | | This is part of series. Not sure if there are anymore as of yet, but this one is very good and well done. This is history. #BlackLivesMatter

Welcome To Dille | "What happens when the largest detention center in America opens next door? The country's largest immigrant detention center is benignly named South Texas Family Residential Center (or as its detractors call it,"baby jail"). At capacity, it houses some 2,400 women and children, most of whom are seeking asylum after fleeing violence, poverty and bleak futures with no end in sight." Click to read and share the sadness.

John Legend & the AFL-CIO Visit Washington Corrections Center for Women #FreeAmerica | Published Jun 7, 2016 | "Continuing #FREEAMERICA's Listening and Learning tour, Grammy Award winning artist, John Legend and the AFL-CIO, one of the largest unions of the country, visit Washington Corrections Center for Women to learn about its program where inmates learn trades with the help of unions." Click to watch and share video (4:43).

Corporate Media Calls Hillary Clinton The Nominee Before the Democratic Convention | Tim Black | Published on Jun 7, 2016 | "So many sell out Corporate Media Pundits so little election season. Bernie Sanders will continue to campaign all the way to the Democratic Convention. Hillary has not secured the nomination. I don't care what CNN the Clinton news network has to say about it." Click to watch and share video (21:53).

Episode 2 Private for profit prisons Pt. 1 Youth | Don Starr | Published Jul 29, 2013 | | Click to watch video (10:44). Current article about this subject from Common Dreams. | Debtors' Prison for Kids: Poor Children Incarcerated When Families Can't Pay Juvenile Court Fees |

2 Yrs After Pelican Bay Hunger Strike, What's Changed for People Inside the Prison? | "2 yrs have passed since people confined in CA's Pelican Bay St Prison initiated a 60-day hunger strike to protest the conds associated w/the prison's SHU. The CDCR continues to claim that 'there is no solitary confinement in CA's prisons & the SHU is not solitary confinement but people inside the Pelican Bay St Prison's security housing unit say they remain locked in f/at least 23 hrs a day." Click…

US Prisons Block Access to Lifesaving Addiction Medication | "Why are prison bosses ignoring medical treatments that save lives and reduce crime? Correctional officials say that prisons rehabilitate people, but that's a hard pill to swallow when science shows their own policies contribute to the social problems they are supposed to be solving." Click to read and share the full article.

Public Defender Describes Vile And Illegal Conditions Of Baltimore Citizens Being Held In Jail | Daily Kos | "Grateful to all from around the country who are keeping many of us informed. Revolutions are bound to happen when the people cry out for justice, and they are ignored again and again. And so, this revolution has begun." This is a very important and informative article as to what's happening right now in Baltimore jails. Click to read and share the full article.