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GOP ~ ALEC Behind Voter Suppression in 34 States | ALEC | American Legislative Exchange Council | "I don't want everybody to vote ... our leverage in the elections quite candidly goes up as the voting populace goes down." --Paul Weyrich, ALEC founder

Kiss Your Vote Goodbye: NC Governor Signs Extreme Voter Suppression Bill Into Law. Coming to a state near you. VOTE THE GOP OUT in 2014! Get your PHOTO VOTER ID NOW! STOP THE MADNESS!

Turns out the Texas Secretary of State mandated that all former names be listed on voter registration cards. To get it changed, women must go through extra step of returning the card and asking for re-issuance. No voter suppression here.

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1/20/15 President Barack Obama delivers his 6th State of the Union. #SOTU2015 #EqualPay

So far, little evidence of voter suppression or fraud in states with ID laws

State lawmakers from around the country met to discuss how to counter voter suppression efforts. "The question is, why aren't we doing more to expand the opportunity to vote?" said Rep. Alan Williams.

Ousted Florida Republicans, including ex-Gov. Crist, say voter suppression was state GOP's goal. Daily Kos

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Republicans DON't hate big government. They LOVE wasteful spending for wars abroad, the surveillance state, prisons, the drug war, subsidies to oil and coal, subsidies to big agriculture, bailouts for the banks, tax spending to benefit the rich, and anything to do with women's bodies.

Why weren't Republicans worried about insurance cancellations before the Affordable Care Act? REMEMBER TO USE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE!!! As in pre-existing conditions and lifetime caps