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20 amazing things to do in Peru

A massive list of 20 amazing things to do in Peru. Planning an itinerary or about to travel to Peru? Check this out! Lots of tourist attractions and must-see places in Peru. Click for more.

How I Saved $13,000 For Travel In Just Seven Months

How was I able to save enough money to travel long-term? It had very little to do with being a travel blogger. When I started Adventurous Kate, my goal

The Truth About Solo Female Travel and Safety

I’ve built a career out of encouraging women to travel the world alone. Part of that has been combating the ridiculous misinformation out there and showing you, through my experiences, how safe the world can be when you take steps to protect yourself.

18 Amazing Active Vacations You Can Actually Afford

Survival Hacks #infographic

This infographic, released in line with Adventurist Real Time Survival Guide Audiobooks, shows how you can use the items you may carry on your person, your ‘Every day carry’, in an emergency survival situation.

Wiliwilinui Ridge, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii — by Sparkz

#TroveOn #Hawaii My absolute favorite hike on O'ahu. Discovered by Sparkz at Wiliwilinui Ridge, Honolulu, Oahu, #Hawaii #travel