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The Ardagh Chalice, a silver and gold-plated bronze communion cup from Ardagh, County Limerick, Ireland. 700s AD. National Museum of Ireland, Dublin. The chalice, part of a hoard that was buried during Viking raids and discovered in 1868 by two boys digging in a potato field, ranks with the Book of Kells as one of the finest known works of Celtic art.

Ireland - Dublin - Archaeology | National Museum of Ireland | Kildare Street | Dublin

National Museum in Kildare street, next door to parliament buildings (the Dáil) with a fascinating collection of artefacts.

The Ardagh Chalice; a large two handled silver cup decorated with bronze gold and enamel and inscribed with some of the apostles names in Latin was made by monks in 725. It's now in the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin.

Annular brooch, Ardagh Hoard, Reerasta, County Limerick, Viking Age (silver-gilt), Celtic, (9th century) / National Museum of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland / Photo © Boltin Picture Library / Bridgeman Images