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(Qing dynasty) Pair of Gold Hairpins in Phoenix shape 金鳳簪, Gold, ca mid -16th century CE. Overall 25 × 7.1 × 1.5 cm, 0.1 kg. On loan from the Hubei Provincial Museum.

*Rack of Bells *Bronze and Lacquered Wood *Warring States Period *433 BCE *From Tomb of Marquis Yi of Zeng *Bian Zhong(编钟,bell set) is a type of quite ancient large-scale musical instrument used during Period of Chinese Spring and Autumn and Warring State Period. It could be the oldest musical instrument made for symphony orchestra in the world that emerged roughly 4000-5000 years ago.

Hat-top ornament, Ming dynasty, 7.5-high, bottom diameter 4.8cm. Lotus chassis is made of gold jewels and sapphire toppings composed of 10 existing gem. Top seat "tethered wire insert" a nearly 200-carat Marquise colorless sapphires, is the greatest archaeological discovery of sapphire. © Hubei Provincial Museum 湖北省博物馆

White jade hollow cloud dragon hat-top ornament, Ming dynasty. Through 3.9, bottom diameter 5.1cm. © Hubei Provincial Museum 湖北省博物馆

Yellow gold hat-top ornament with sapphire, Ming dynasty, 4.8-high, bottom diameter 5.2cm Crowns made of gold and jewels cover lotus pedestal yellow sapphire toppings composition of the deposit gems 7. © Hubei Provincial Museum 湖北省博物馆 6