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Really Out There by katelanalivia

| m i d n i g h t • i n • t h e • g a r d e n | of good and evil

L - star quotes: "The sky was dressed in black silk and silver stars. I'd never been graced with such beauty before." -r.j.l.

Question: "What was the best day of your life?" Response: "It was a night" • Brigitte Bardot

for all of my girls who have trouble sleeping, lol! @Meghan Diemel, @Rachel Reinke, and @Kayla Geske to name a few. here's to the nights!

but you did all the time...i the stupid one...i kept in touch with you cos you wanted you turn around and said im the one who contacted you to my dad huh...traitor! i will never ever trust you for anything ! i contacted you despite so stupid !

October really does bring the winds of change. I can't say glad just yet, but October has always brought me such valuable lessons.