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What do conservative policy intellectuals think about climate change?

Alaska’s on Fire and It May Make Climate Change Even Worse

Spike in Alaska wildfires is worsening global warming, US says Report from US Geological Survey says northern wildfires must now be seen as significant driver of climate change, not just a side-effect

Warring Dogmas Block Climate-Change Progress

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Killing Keystone XL Won’t Stop Climate Change. Here’s What Could

The Keystone XL decision gives the US leverage in the upcoming Paris climate talks. It also opens the door for more cuts Obama can make in his final year.

Climate change deniers live in ignorant bliss as seas keep rising

This isw hat the world will look like after climate change transforms it

Climate Change Is Accelerating Permafrost Thawing. And It’s Destroying Arctic Cities.

As climate change accelerates permafrost thawing, what can be done to maintain the resource-rich hubs Russia relies on?