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Are you kidding me? Animal Activists are worried about worms? Next you know they will go after people fishing with worms. And then "ok, use the worm for bait but lets make sure it still wiggles around after you catch the fish". ~~~~ And I am venting over a worm lol (Rebecca)

This is true. My conservative friend: Hillary's a [insert every imaginable accusation]. *no evidence at all* Me: Trump's an idiot. *five pages of facts* Her: OMG QUIT PREACHING YOUR OPINION!!!! Me: Half the people voting for Trump think he's an idiot....

TWD CAST TRUE FACTS @twdcasttruefacts Instagram profile - Enjoygram

Ron was an idiot but not as idiotic as Sam, fUCK SAM IF IT WERENT FOR HIM RON…

So guys be flirting all day while girls only got crushes ...damn! Oc

What bout people who stay up late and wake early? Are they intelligent with good grades or stupid with bad grades.

FAKE! NY Times's "Groping Victim" Made Up Trump Story, Borrowed It From...

I'm not even American and this November 8th will be terrifying. Why are people even voting for Trump?!