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It's so much more effective than hating or shaming yourself forward... More on this --> http://femfusionfitness.com/the-power-of-your-words/

INSPIRATION - EILEEN WEST ​LIFE COACH | Where perfectionism exists, shame is always lurking. - Brené Brown | Eileen West Life Coach, Life Coach, inspiration, inspirational quotes, motivation, motivational quotes, quotes, daily quotes, self improvement, personal growth, creativity, creativity cheerleader, Brene Brown, Brene Brown quotes, Brené Brown, Brené Brown quotes, quote of the day, word wisdom

As well as living A-lister lives we can only dream about, these famous folk have faced struggles and criticism along the way. But they haven't let it stop them from living their lives and we've got the bad-ass quotes to prove it. Whether it’s about bullying, sexism, body shaming, confidence or simply sticking up for what they believe in, these lot have provided us with soothing, inspirational words of wisdom. #motivation #celeb #life

An important part of my recovery was forgiving myself for my illness. When the behaviors started it was all I knew how to do. It kept me alive at a time when I didn't know how to survive otherwise. . Forgiving myself let a huge weight off my shoulders - it gave me the chance to release the shame & guilt that kept me trapped in the vicious cycle. It made it ok that I hadn't been perfect. . Let yourself off the hook. I know forgiveness can feel like a stretch in the beginning so how about…

Release every doubt you ever had that still tries to hold you back. Release all anxiety and distress that keeps you bound in pain and depressed. Release low self-esteem and feeling unworthy allowing the negative words from your past to continue to hurt you. Release what your life used to be break free and be the greater you dying to shine through. Release the scars and wounds that you carry and let them all be buried. Release guilt and shame and holding unto blame. You deserve change growth…

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Inspiration, Motivation and Empowerment Everyday. - Dorota Lopez Forgive and move on, you have great things to accomplish. Sometimes we give ourselves away because we feel it is the right thing to do and is probably natural for you. And when others don't reciprocate on the same level, it hurts us. It is a lesson to be learned, not to stop sharing ourselves, but to honor and respect ourselves along the way.

I really have never been more moved or motivated by someone's words before. Such a shame this man is no longer living but he definitely has left a legacy to move and inspire people like myself to strive for greatness. - S.C

An Easy Look at ALL the Motivational - Inspirational Quotes It would be a shame if you missed out on all the lists of Inspirational Quotes here on my blog. Here they all are: (I hope!) **I'll clean up the formatting some other time; it's all a mess because I'm terrible at web stuff** Ability Acceptance Achievement Action Adversity Advice Age - Aging Aims Ambition Anger Anxiety Apology Appreciation Argument Aspiration Attitude Awareness Balance Beauty Beginning Belief Blessings Bo...

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