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Crop of peanuts, in Cameroon. People bring the crop of peanuts to Maroua on the back of donkeys. Publication Date : 1940/1960. Courtesy: Défap-service protestant de mission, Paris (France)

Africa | Oba Olanes Owosofo, Timi of Ede. The Timi of Ede is one of sixteen Yoruba kings permitted to wear the beaded crown. Nigeria || © "African Kings: Portraits of a Disappearing Era" by Daniel Laine (author and photographer)

Africa | "The Luo; visual history". Luo women going fishing with fishing basket traps (osech kiteng'a - osera means 'woven fishing trap' and kiteng'a is the fishing method of covering the fish in the water with this trap, with its pointed end upwards). Kiteng'a was always a fishing method for women only. The traps are made of those ropes and they are usually carried on the head like this. | Luo people, Nyanza Kisumo region | ca. 1902 | ©Charles William Hobley

Drawing of Enugu riding Belo at a Fulani celebration in Sabga, Cameroon (Peace Corps Days)