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Crop of peanuts, in Cameroon. People bring the crop of peanuts to Maroua on the back of donkeys. Publication Date : 1940/1960. Courtesy: Défap-service protestant de mission, Paris (France)

Nânon d'une semaine et maman nâne - One week foal and mom - Burrito de una semana con su mamá. Courtesy: Capitaine_Lacuzon, Franche-Comté (France).

A fairy tale behind this picture. We were high up in the Pyrenees at the mountain stream Gave de Bious at elevation of 1241 meter. We met a friendly Poitou Donkey at this beautiful Chalet is located 3 km from the mountain pass Portalet d'Aneu and border crossing in the Pyrenees, between France and Spain. De Pyreneeën - Pyrénées - Pirineos - Pirineus - Pirinioak zijn een gebergte, gelegen op de grens van Spanje en Frankrijk. Het gebergte strekt... Courtesy: Ben Thé Man, Amsterdam (Holland).

Bolivia. Road Sorata-La Paz. On the way back to La Paz, we drive throuh high altitude landscapes and glacier lakes. The area is used by mountaineers for training. Courtesy: FO Travel, Paris (France).

~~Et le spectacle continue...!~~ *âne assis et chien courant !!!* Courtesie: Joëlle, Glay, Doubs/Franche Comté, (France).© Copyrights Joélisa.