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Photo Pendant "White Bird and Glass", Wet Plate Collodion Ambrotype on curved clear Glass with Sterling Silver Plated Filigree Setting

Glass Wet,Clear Glass,Curved Clear,Collodion Ambrotype,Plated Filigree,Silver Plated,Pember Brockey,Angie Pember,Plate Collodion

This is an 8x10" Wet Plate Collodion Ambrotype on clear glass Lili Charles. by: Angie Brockey

Handmade Photo Pendant "Ivy and Glass" Wet Plate Collodion Ambrotype, Wearable Art Necklace

Pendant Ivy,Angie Pember,Pember Brockey,Collodion Ambrotype,Glass Wet,Plate Collodion,Handmade Photo,Photo Pendant,Wet Plate

Modern Made Ambrotype Photo Pendant, "Spring", Wet Plate Collodion Image on Clear Glass in Brass Setting with Soldered Brass Chain

RESERVED for Henrik.....Ambrotype, "Mushroom Whimsy", Clear Glass Photo Pendant, One of a Kind Original Wet Plate Collodion Necklace

Original Collodion Photo Pendant, "White Bird and Glass", Wet Plate Micatype with Vintage Antiqued Brass setting and black Spinal Crystals

Collodion Photo,Plate Collodion,Vintage Antiqued,Antiqued Brass,Glass Wet,Pember Brockey,Angie Pember,Black Spinal,Wet Plate

Very Special Image on Black Glass in Hand Fabricated Sterling Silver Setting w/ Semi Precious Labradorite Stone and Beautiful Sterling Chain

Very Special Image on Black Glass in Hand by SilverAndGlassPhotog

Modern Made Ambrotype Photo, "Two Roses", Wet Plate Collodion image on Domed Glass in Brass Crown Setting with Smoky Crytal Drop

Collodion Image,Plate Collodion,Crytal Drop,Jewelry Assignment,Roses Wet,Angie Pember,Pember Brockey,Brass Crown,Crown Setting