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Migraine and Other Health Info on Wikipedia Is Broadly Unreliable: Teri Robert reports on a study that compared Wikipedia and peer-reviewed information and found Wikipedia broadly inaccurate.

Phytonutrients aka Phytochemicals health benefits, foods containing and other info. by leann

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The Gum Disease is a Silent Killer! Here Are 8 Home Remedies to Heal It!

The most important thing in the fight against the gum disease is the healthy nutrition, and it is not just important to the oral health, but it is also to the general well-being and health. 85 percent of the adults in America suffer from some kind of gum disease, and 50 percent of the Americans have periodontitis. Of those diagnosed, just three percent search treatment, putting the other at risk for many serious health problems. 8 natural remedies for gum disease Baking Soda Mix baking soda…

Does Kale Destroy Your Thyroid? This is a guest post written by Christa Orecchio, C.N., a clinical and holistic nutritionist and a member of my Advisory Council. As the founder of The Whole Journey, she uses food as medicine wherever possible to help others heal and thrive and takes a mind, body, spirit approach in order to address the whole person. ~ Very through & Informative article on Cruciferous vegetables.

Health benefits of molasses include relief from menstruation related problems, obesity, diabetes, stress, cancer, prostate, acne and other skin ailments, constipation, headache and anaemia. It helps in improving bone health, electrolyte balance, hair care, and sexual health, functioning of nervous system, and self-healing. Molasses also helps in strengthening the immune system, maintaining healthy levels of haemoglobin and aids in the formation of new cells in the body.

Pumpkin seed oil health benefits for better skin, protecting your vision, lowing cholesterol, treating arthritis symptoms and many other health issues.