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Quick feng shui. Tips like this seem so simple but can really improve your perception of your surroundings (for example, taking out the trash gets rid of any bad odors). Promoting these positive feelings and good energy is the essence of feng shui.

I let things bother me that shouldn't. I need to get over it and just not GAF! :) People suck. Be happy I am blessed with an amazing family a few truly good people. Besides that, turn the cheek, just do me and walk forward in life♡ Don't even listen to the haters.

from Chasing Foxes

7 Work From Home Jobs That Definitely Beat Commuting

These 7 work from home jobs are SO GOOD! I'm so happy I've found this! I've been wanting to work from home for a LONG TIME and now I have some AWESOME options! Definitely pinning for later!


Tony Gaskins tonygaskins

This is something that the Lord has been helping me with and has laid it on my heart to pray for certain people over the last year or so. It's working, it amazes me how God will change our hearts about some one, if we just start with a prayer. Like they say "it may not change them, but it will always change you" ❤️❤️