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Whispered Kisses by Sarah Johnson. A Pride & Prejudice novella variation. Elizabeth Bennet is a romantic at heart—a dreamer and a writer. While in London, she begins receiving flowers anonymously. Her romantic sensibilities are heightened, leading her mind to create an image of who the giver could be. She soon returns to her home in Hertfordshire with only her memories and thoughts as her constant companions. Months go by without anything, and then, with the news of a visitor to the...

'In my solitude I hear secrets about me only told to the flowers. A voice whispering from stars to dust, from gates of gold to soil. It says: "You are a collection of all the people you have ever loved."'

Norwegian Cruise Line - Freestyle Cruising While soft trade winds whisper sweet nothings in your ear, sweet flowers are a constant reminder...

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Why is Kate becoming the invisible Princess?

The Duchess of Cambridge has, at times, said to have struggled to adapt to royal life. In particular, she is said to loathe the constant comparisons with Diana and living up to the public image of the late Princess