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Title: Exit Ticket Emoji Description: End of lesson task to allow pupils to reflect on how the lesson went via the medium of Emoji. Idea adapted from Twitter. #ded318

10 Reasons You Should Try Flipping Your Class

10 reasons why flipping your classroom can be helpful to you and your students.

#Fall into Great Resources

Time stamp every time a child does not turn in their homework using Google Forms. Tutorial and free template!

FREE Parent Flip Book Template + Astrobrights Colorize Your Classroom Contest

Flipping lecture content is all the rage these days and, generally, I’m a fan of the concept. It makes sense to have students listen to lecture materials on their own as homework (at their own pace…

Need a little help flipping your classroom? We've got some great tools for you: automated video capture robot, free mobile app, FERPA/COPPA compliant video hosting, unlimited storage for all your educational videos, online video editing tools, time-stamped comments, viewer analytics, secure access, and much more! Learn more.

This month’s Education Update feature, “Six Strategies for Challenging Gifted Learners,” reminds us that high-ability students have unique needs, too.

3 Screencasting Resources for the Flipped Teacher

Teachers looking to flip their classrooms can explore a variety of tools. Screencasting is the process of recording what you are doing on your tablet or computer. It’s like taking a screenshot but includes audio and video recording too. In the flipped classroom screencasts can be used to create the video clips you ask students to watch before class to prepare for a lesson. There are a handful of great... Read Article →