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I have long loved the classical beauty and intricate details of intaglios- but especially displayed in modern frames and hung in groupings on the wall. Here are some awesome examples of a variety of settings using the traditional art in fun ways: A simple pair looks awesome above this modern console and set against patterned …

Decorating with a TV

I appreciate quality tv and movies almost as much as I appreciate fine art so why should I have to choose. I don't think I've ever seen a TV that looks great in a room so why not tuck it away behind an abstract masterpiece.

Hide your Flat Screen TV! When the TVCoverUp is closed, only your framed art is visible. You can use any art or mirror, including your own! Picture frames lift automatically or manually and creates a theatre environment. Easy to install!

How to frame your flat screen TV. This has a two-way mirror inside. When TV is off - it's a mirror. When TV is on - it's a TV