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Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry Intern Spotlight: Abby Gribble http://ift.tt/2uk7KEW  Oral health education is one of Charlotte Pediatric Dentistrys most important values. We believe that education for our staff and patients is essential for optimal pediatric dental care.  We strive to pass down our values to our patients and hope that their time spent with us reflects in their dental health habits as they approach adulthood. For one of our long-term patients completing her internship at CPD…
Count the "Snowballs" Contest-Richmond Orthodontics
We use a whiteboard in the staff room as a "High Five" board so people can thank eachother for the little nice things they do throughout the day! #BrandonOffice #motivation #inspiration
Meet Mohamed, one of our amazing hygienists! He has worked for Preferred Dental Care for over 8 years and unfortunately has moved to Texas! Yet, when he visits New York, with no hesitation, he asks Dr.Trivedi, our head dentist, to come back and work! We had the pleasure to have him this past Saturday & Tuesday in our office, and boy was our staff & patients happy to see him! We already miss him and look forward to the next time he comes back to New York!  #kingoforalhygiene…
Dr. Koshki is a highly sought-after Santa Monica dentist for his personalized patient care. He and his friendly, professional staff understand and appreciate that many people can be uncomfortable about going to a dentist’s office, and they work hard to alleviate patients of any unnecessary anxiety.