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City Chic Worn Paint Christian Prayer Journal With Notepad and Scripture

City Chic Worn Paint Christian Prayer Journal With Scripture by stufffromtrees on Etsy

How to Age Wood to Look Weathered & Cracked

Making wood look weathered and worn before its time is easy with the use of some commonly found household chemicals. New wood is often too bright and clean for many applications, renovations and installations, but you can weather it prematurely to match any specific need. By following these easy steps, you can adjust the appearance of your wood to...

old gas pump Notice the contains lead sign. Once lead paint was banned, every country on Earth experienced a significantly decreased crime rate exactly one generation later

Paint a vintage silver tray from the dollar store with chalkboard paint. Then use chalk to draw images, write a menu, or even just use as a tray.

Sunshine and Shadows - Steve Hanks is recognized as one of the best watercolor artists working today. Description from I searched for this on