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Lessons From a Groomer: Nail Clipping, Ear Cleaning, & Baths

Grooming Lessons from a Real Groomer: Lesson 5 How to Clip Nails / Properly Bathe your Pet

Petcentric, sponsored by Purina, is your trusted source for helpful facts & fun pet tips for your furry friend. Nail clipping is a critical part of cat and dog grooming. Start when they're young to get them comfortable with their paws being handled. Keep an extra close eye on indoor and elderly cats and dogs, because their nails don’t get as much natural trimming from pavement and other hard surfaces. When in doubt, ask your vet for help. Visit for more pet tips…

How to clean and store your clippers and blades!

6 Tips for Clipping Your Dog's Nails |

The most typical reason for clipping is to enable the horse to work comfortably and without undue sweating during the winter months when their coats grow naturally thicker. The clipped horse will be denied his natural protection from winter weather, and will need to be provided with additional protection in the form of both stable and waterproof outdoor rugs, ideally with suitable shelter facilities in his paddock.