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Here comes sunshine, and humidity. A day with the Grateful Dead in 1977

Historical Photos of Fans in The Grateful Dead's Concert at Raceway Park in Englishtown, 1977

Фотожабы на советские плакаты

Фотожабы на советские плакаты

Как договариваться с «плохими парнями» - http://dumai-sam.ru/Serkov/kak-dogovarivatsya-s-plohimi-parnyami.html

Kiev, Ukraine, Aug Thousands of German POWs are paraded through city streets as the locals hurl curse and abuse at them. The official report about the Kiev situation to Stalin claimed the Red Army had taken POWs including 549 officers.

Leon Cremiere - Wrestlers, 1867

Wrestlers, Photo by Leon Cremiere.

Soviet soldiers playing with a German boy (1945)

Soviet soldiers playing with a German boy Much of the military understood that those too young to participate in the elections of tyrants deserved protection depending also most time on how deep their own war scars ran.

Uniformed Gestapo officer frisks a Jewish resident of the Warsaw ghetto -- and he has just discovered a coin. The fate of the "offender" was most likely sealed right then and there: off to the death camp with the next transportation.

The moment of (possibly deadly) truth for a Jewish man: Gestapo officer discovers a coin hidden in the man's clothes. That was enough "proof" for deportation and, most likely, gassing.