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OMGOSH. IM LAUGHING SOOO HARARD ! @Tyler Oakley Disney / Suit Life Of Zack and Cody / The Fault In Out Stars / TFIOS / John Green

Okay the videos of this was stinkin cute. I watched it over and over. Tyler Joseph SNL Snapchat ~k

That pasta boat tho fetus Tyler Joseph ~k

the meaning of these tattoos aren't supposed to be online, tyler asked specifically for them not to be...

Tyler Oakley preaches the truth. Also in there: "OMGN *dies* artunrtbjtvrrtjtyever!" We fangirls have our own language.

you are the daydream i am supposed to have for the rest of my life.

Aliens are real. 100% Tyler's sass gives me life but is simultaneously the death of me.

The meaning of life means nothing to Tyler. Sleep is more important than life..... Hmmm okay that makes sense I guess