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The couch is on fire! Somebody get buckets of water! Why do you still sit there?

Vanilla Steamer: This is my favorite thing to make before bedtime, if I’m not having a cup of tea. It’s super simple too.

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Cover Story: The Mind-Bending Benedict Cumberbatch

His obsessive fans have turned Benedict Cumberbatch into “the Internet’s boyfriend,” and next month’s Doctor Strange will only stoke the flame.

get this shot!! (note to Noa & Jarrod) Southern weddings - ceremony in a church

magnacarterholygrail: “ brooklynboobala: “ itscolossal: “ A Caiman Covered in…

Judy Aldridge wears many hats. She's a mom, blogger, photographer and…


Beautiful Underwater Photography

Just as the dream creations are pictures moving on the mind screens, so also this world including yourself is the obverse of the picture depicted by pure intelligence and it is nothing more than an image in a mirror...Realise that the Self is the self-contained-mirror projecting and manifesting this world. The Self is pure unblemished consciousness ~ Tripura Rahasya

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Gorilla in the fist: Newborn sleeps on mother's chest (where it's definitely in safe hands)

Sleeping Baby Gorilla

I Will Look After You photo by Lorena Rowe. "This sweet photograph of my Siamese cats having a cuddle showcases the love that two creatures can have for one another. This black and white photo was digitally altered in a photo-editing program to highlight the bright blue watchful eye of Mei-Ling, who is keeping watch while her younger sister Thailee sleeps. Photo was taken with a Canon PowerShot A610 digital camera"