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Of all the pics on a pin board, why is it this one should catch my eye? And be the only one I want to pin?

'Muddy Track to the Village II', Janine Baldwin, oil on canvas, 34 x 30cm

American Coots swim like ducks, but they do not have the webbed feet of that species. Their toes have broad lobes of skin that allow it to easily move through water. The lobes fold back when the bird lifts its foot while walking to facilitate moving on dry land, but it still supports the bird's weight on muddy land. Nine American Coots were found in Central Park in this year's Bird Count.


Bird Watching in Everglades National Park

Great spot for bird watching in Florida!

from My 3 Monsters


30 minutes a day cleaning chart. Totally doable, but substitute guest bathroom cleaning day for "pick up after dogs: retrieve 47 toys from around house, clean muddy paw prints from back door, fill in holes in back yard, etc."


An entry from Quite Continental

I wouldn't mind getting lost in these woods on this unbeaten path

A man is closest to the Heart of God when on the back of a horse.

Walking into the Dawn of Inspiration, sloshing along on a potholed road, muddy from melting ice and invigorated by the gentle coldness; MY SOUL AWAKENS.