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Elizabeth is 9 Months Sisterlocked and LOVIN it! She's such a beautiful woman! #thesljourney #locks4ever #hairhustler #hairhustlin

Hello FB Friends . . . If you haven't already, please consider LIKING, SHARING and INVITING your friends to my FB Page . . . I'll love you for it :-) Also, if you have a second, please RATE my page . . . I see I've had a couple of JIVE TURKEYS stop by and give me a ONE! REALLY??? I appreciate the support - thanks :-)

My client is 5 days into her Sisterlocks Journey .. . if her hair is THIS gorgeous today, imagine here mane in 5 YEARS! She is a beautiful SL Girl :-)

Sisterlocks really help you stand out from others . . . when I was performing as a stand up comic . . . I knew that folk would remember my hair if they forgot everything I said! LOL . . . I was "the one with the pretty locks" ~ I love being a Sisterlocks Sistah!!

My client, Kennie - her Golden Sisterlocks are now 2 months and she's loving them! She saiid her husband told her that her hair was going to get wet in the rain. She said it was so sweet to be able to get her hair wet and still be okay! #sisterlocksfreedom

Sisterlocks is a process and journey that is unique to each individual . . . In the beginning, scalp showing is normal, but with time, the locks fill out and you see less and less scalp . . . Janice is loving her Sisterlocks AND her journey . . . #happyclient :-)

The Sisterlocks Journey is NOT always easy and sometimes takes great courage and patience. So grateful to my client for allowing me to share and document her journey - Hopefully, this collage will bless someone who feels that the damage from previous hairstyles will keep them from ever wearing their natural hair again. Look at the results of a little love and patience over six months! The smile on her face makes my YEAR!!

Cool hairstyle for the Panamanian heat! My husband loves my hair - he wanted to take a picture if it. I did this style without a mirror to view the back - I wish I had known that my Cowrie Shell was backward I love that my man celebrates my Sisterlocked hair!