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This isn't true. Religions don't have all of the answers. They bring us to a higher level of thinking and attempt to help us understand the bigger picture.

I am grateful every day for the clarity of Atheism. Talking to some Christians is like talking to a child who still believes in Santa Claus except it's not cute anymore.

Science me this, why do scientist bitch about religious metaphors only to use them every time you put a mic in their face?

The bible. Written by ignorant Bronze Age men who nothing of the world beyond their superstitions.


Pinned to clarify an outline of what fossil evidence actually means. The misinterpretation is not only presented by the ignorant. A clever dishonest religious leader spreads Fundamentalist rubbish as it keeps and grows his number of ignorant followers. The misinterpretation is an embarrassment to intelligent educated and honest believers.