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CLE@NYY: Girardi on Yankees loss to the Indians

Casey Stengel - elected to National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1966

A Baby Falls Off of a Building. And the Daughter of Yankees Manager CATCHES Him.

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Famous New York Yankees | Joe Torre -- New York Yankees Manager and Native New Yorker

New York Yankees Manager Joe Girardi showing his Brooklyn Nets pride

Didnt like the choice of Joe Torre as Yankees manager in 1996,Do now.Don Zimmer is dead.NYY

billy martin - Bing Images

Poster depicting Abraham Lincoln and his cabinet. William H. Seward, Salmon P. Chase, Simon Cameron and Edward Bates had all competed against Lincoln in the Republican primary and were thus effectively offered positions in the cabinet to assure Lincoln's nomination. Despite Lincoln's political inexperience he was able to not only manage his "Team of RIvals," but turn them into loyal advisors.

Blind teen told to leave restaurant because she had guide dog with her - 1to1only News Yee Rah restaurant manager told the girl to leave A blind teenager was left in tears after she was ordered to leave a restaurant because she had her guide dog with her The mum of the 19-year-old woman who has asked not to be named said her daughter had been left upset after the manager of the Yee Rah Thai restaurant in Liverpool told her to get out She said: My daughter visited the restaurant with a friend…