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Playing guitar is a crucial piece of my life, it allows me to express myself and channel my creative energy.

THINGS THAT WILL MAKE ANY MUSICIAN LAST FOREVER As musicians & as a person its crucial to know your purpose. Purpose is all about your meaning knowing what motivates you why you want what you want. Purpose gives you a direction for your career it helps you to stand out. Musicians need a purpose. They need something to drive them some sort of continuous end & meaning to their craft. The music business is an ever changing business. Look at the last 150 years and how technical developments…

Jackson Browne - These Days -> He wrote this deep and insightful song when he was just 16 years young.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - 3/26/76, Jaap Edenhal, Amsterdam, Holland (aud) Sorry, dudes, can’t resist Neil and the Horse in ‘76. Via (who else?) Infinite Fool, this tape contains two crucial rarities — the still-unreleased “Sad Movies” in the acoustic set and one of the only electric “Let It Shine”s ever. You’ll get religion in the airport, believe me. [Late breaking: if you want to just check out those two crucial rarities, wander over yonder.] AcousticTell Me Why Mellow My Mind After the…

1955 Martin Guitar - Harry Jarman 00 or 000-15 in mahogany - at that age, I don't care which model it is!

C.F. Martin & Co. 00-15 - Solid all mahogany acoustic guitar. One of my favorite guitars I own!