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Starting off on a personal note today, I want to let you know why I've missed a post here and there these last few weeks. I have a slipped d...

One Day at a Time. Loved this show as a teen (Valerie Bertinelli is just a little older than me, so I related to her character.)

LOL whoops. -- sky high is getting a lot of popularity lately. Where was this when it was all I wanted to talk about in fifth grade and no one had a clue? Why is this popping up right now? Did one really popular sky high post trigger everyone's memory and now we're all talking about it again?


Friday Night Lights (The Show) Is Going To Be A Movie, Y'all

This show is one of the best shows I've ever seen on TV. Coach, Tami Taylor, Saracen...I miss them!

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You can make up your own LaCroix flavor with this online generator

Finishing a TV series on NetFlix and thinking, 'I'm really gonna miss these guys,' as if the characters are somehow now your friends.