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Never heard of that O.O I'M SO GONNA WATCH RN! -- BTS Thug Life once again /sigh*/ XD

@ladygaga: So dope I got to hang with with the biggest rockstar of the night. (Ya,know besides Sting and Green Day) …the girl with the biggest prize of all a BIG Heart that she shares with the world.

190 followers that's so dope thank you and can you follow me on wattpad @angelforever30 I have a book I'm writing(not completed yet ) but I'd like you to read if you want ok now let's appreciate Mikey

It's the thought that counts tho...Hoseok so thoughtful -@BeautyandthePoet

from Polyvore

this is so cute 😍😍😍

"this is so cute " by itssaiv0y ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring Glamorous

574 New Bal's are the greatest model of the brand, so fly and can be worn with virtually any outfit.

Needs to happen tired of these narcissistic male ego's who fuck up the world.