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Every college students.

This is great :P not sure if it'll be quite this bad but it's probably pretty close. Definitely describes how I've become after 12 years of regular school though <--- Oh yes, my friend.

Some Tadashis I’ve been drawing in between commissions.

This is me whenever I write a paper for school. If only I had Tadashi to help me look at things with a new perspective, maybe I'd be getting A's instead of B's. (Update: I actually just found out that I am getting A's in my classes. BUT I STILL WISH I HAD TADASHI TO HELP ME.)

Repin if you think there should be a second Big Hero 6

I think this is more than just a parallel. Here in these scenes, Hiro is using the same words while he's a superhero, that tadashi said to him. I think this means that Hiro thought those were things a good superhero would say to others. Which means that Hiro saw Tadashi as a true hero. <<<FEELS.

THIS IS ACCURATE. <<< It would have also worked with pictures of Hiccup

Feels. Big Hero 6 Feels.
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Feels. Big Hero 6 Feels.

Oh look, there goes the heart...bye heart *waves at distant flapping thing*