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This is another one of those shows I should have watched earlier in the week instead of last. The show was both brilliant and well written, the set was wonderful and audience interactive. It took place in a pub and the pub was open and serving drinks both pre-show and at intermission. Pretty darn cool. Although I liked it - I wasn't as into it as I feel I normally would have been. Yet another reminder that when you see a show is an important factor.

I picked the wrong time (and seat) to see this production - it was the last show I saw in a brilliant week of theatre and it suffered in being saved for last and truly being in a nose bleed seat. Catherine Zeta Jones and Angela Lansbury and the rest of the revival cast were brilliant - but it was a long show at the end of a long and wonderful week of theatre - so sadly it wasn't as memorable as it should have been!

This goes on the list of shows I would love to direct or act in for that matter. Such an entertaining, challenging - yet simple show. Laugh out loud funny if done well and this cast was brilliant!

Saw this brilliant production in 2001 and fell in love with it. Later went on to direct the show for London Musical Theatre (now Musical Theatre Productions) in 2003 Brilliant writing and the songs of Cole Porter highlight this Musical Theatre jewel.

Sold out the first year - saw it the 2nd year and Brad Oscar and Roger Bart graduated to their lead roles were brilliant as was Gary Beach who was still with the production as Roger DeBris I saw this again in Toronto, London ON, the movie and was in a production. Nothing however compared to this brilliant night!

One of the shows I was most excited to see in NYC, not just because it's Canadian but because it is such a brilliant and funny musical comedy in the style of an old school musical with the brilliant observations of a modern era. Bob Martin was brilliant as the Man in Chair and Sutton Foster was perfection as Janet Van De Graaff. Really brilliant casting all around - Aldolpho, The Chaperone, Underling and Mrs. Tottendale to name but a few. A show I was so pleased to direct several years…

Avenue Q has one of the best new scores over the last 10 years. I saw it a year after it won the Tony over Wicked - so it had a lot of work to do to try to win me over because I had thought Wicked was robbed. I suppose I still feel that way a bit because as productions they are truly apples and oranges, but let's just say I wasn't nearly as sure of myself as I once was :)

Spiderman - saw this the same week that Julie Taymor was let go - and did it ever need some work. Boy has been the show that post show drinks are made of. (And the ariel stuff was great)

Really enjoyed this show, another tribute to old fashioned Broadway musicals. David Hyde-Pierce, Debra Monk and the rest of the original cast were brilliant. Such a fun production, one of those shows that you leave with a big silly grin on your face humming some of the tunes. Would love to do this show one day.