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I freaking hated that Negan made Rick hold Lucille the whole time... Grrrr, leave my Rick alone!! Let him grieve so he can gather his strength and kill your ass Negan, then he can go and get Daryl!

History appears very likely to repeat itself on these and many other fronts following the Trump election ... Stand up and fight, make your voice heard!

LOOK AT THEM GRRRR<<<GRRRR IM CRYING (I FUCKING stg if ANYONE says "don't cry, craft!!1!" I will shoot someone. That is so old. So overused.)

NOPE!! Ain't Gonna Happen!! We're gonna dish out the same "Treatment" you all gave to Our Wonderful "Scandal Free" President Obama!!

Crooked Donnie+Repukkes now look to cut Seniors EARNED give Tax Cuts to the Wealthy!!!