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Happy girls are the prettiest. And the radiant combination of humility and confidence that shines through a girl in love with Jesus is simply beautiful... - "A letter to single ladies from a single guy" Love quote!!!

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Iris, congratulations. As you know I have been eliminated. That's all I'll say on the matter. We're still friends. Take the tiara, sweetie, and I'll attend the wedding. Or don't, and I'll see you soon. In either result, come visit me. Love, Alexandria Oz

Find out about the clues in the old letters on February in Model Under Cover: A Crime of Fashion… Inspiration for Model Under Cover.

This is the most important lesson of life. I love to post the juxtaposition of historical & fantasy with similar contemporary expressions. I love beauty, style and all kinds of design. The images I post help me to escape, they enchant me, they make me...

...cartas en el cajón... There's probably a way to do your own antique-looking stationery—soaking or brushing the paper in tea or coffee or something like that. Tied with that. (Ana Rosa -