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This… I was like scroll past… wait, what?!

And then there's the Cyberman in the background like "I could kill all of you" but the way eleven's looking at Rose is breaking my heart

Doctor Who

The physics of Timey Wimey explained at last! Because shut up.

Oh Mr. Potato Head, have I ever told you how HYSTERICAL you are?

Strax plans to lure the Doctor to a place of safety and melt him with acid! Correction: not melt him with acid!

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Captain Jack Harkness《《《 STOP IT!-----If a guy used that on me I would immediately date him.

the doctor donna <3

Oh I love her so much. I really hope that this is the season when the Doctor suddenly says " Oi! I just figured out how to let Donna Noble remember everything without killing her!" :)<<<<< that last bit would make me the happiest Whovian around

For gods sake matt XD

"What was your reaction when you got the role?"--Matt Smith's answer proves he was perfect for the Doctor.} Don't get me wrong I loved Eccelston and Tennant too, but there was something about Matt!

RORY SHE'S HAVING AN EMOTION This sounds like something Cas would say

I realize the Amy/Doctor relationship was much stronger and important to the show, but the Doctor and Rory had their own, non-Amy-involved relationship, too! Rory scenes are always my favorite of

Ahhhh love 11

This was the cutest thing. I really did love Eleven. Honestly, though, I could see Nine doing this, but only if they were younger kids. Actually, I could see any Doctor doing this because I'm pretty sure the Doctor loves children.