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HILLARY: A CAREER CRIMINAL - There is an entire generation of voters who are not aware of how scandal-filled the Clinton White House was. We bring you a factual video accounting of every HIllary scandal starting with Whitewater and TravelGate, all the up to the present day scandals of Benghazi and EmailGate. Watch and share with your undecided voting friends and let's #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #CrookedHillary…


New Jersey

Lincoln knew what our likely downfall would be as a Nation. We are losing our grandchildren's freedom! One day they will fight and shed blood for what we have already! Unless Americans don't start to fight back and make their voices be heard a free America is lost! A couple of Democrats have admitted they want to make America Socialistic. America is lost!

"We are going to end up with one of these flawed candidates regardless of how much we stomp our self-righteous feet. Bottom line, the leaders of a country many times reflect the spiritual condition of the people they are called from....

Like name calling when you're not getting what YOU want ~ Or people twist what has been attempted to resolve a situation...make it negative & walk away without the regard, concern or a discussion...and of course all on their terms....ego??!! What about those that intentionally are making negative passive comments, chipping away at your self-esteem & character so that they feel more empowered & better about themselves? We are the horrific ppl if we bow our backs and verbally stand up for…

We DO live in the best country in the world -- don't believe it, just visit a thirld world country! We are truly blessed!

You know, beneath our seeming differences we are all just one big family  Bush was a featured speaker at the opening of the Smithsonian Institute National Museum of African American History and Culture, which he...

It's not our fault we are back to back world war champs, have a huge population, and a lot of toys! If anything, blame yourselves for getting into all the messes that caused us to rise in power!

For me! Always striving to mold into more Christlike behavior

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The 21 Principles of Persuasion

I am a frequent reader of FORBES magazine. Many times one can find articles that are insightful and full of guides that can helps someone’s path to success. As an avid reader and subscription holder I mostly like the Innovations and Entrepreneurship sections of the Magazine. I chose to share this article because it is very useful to anyone, in any field, and in any profession.