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#PoliticalSpeak & #ThinkHand: could foot hygiene be used as an index of deprivation? Is poor foot hygiene a red flag for a wider problem? Social deprivation? #PoliticalSpeak #ThinkHand My post on one of my patients from last week with onychogryphosis (poor toenail hygiene) has generated quite a discussion on the blog and within Barts-MS. My focus on hand function and using it support our #ThinkHand campaign may have been misguided. The real issue here is neglect and dare I say possible…

“We the People are the Rightful Masters of both Congress & the Courts, not to Overthrow the Constitution, but Overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”~Abraham Lincoln

Food Prices Soar As U.S. Government Says There’s No Inflation - They don't allow food or fuel prices into the equation, but these 2 items are the ones that we REALLY spend our money on. IT IS ALL A RUSE. WE THE PEOPLE are going broke... while they feast like kings, on OUR MONEY!

You can choose, if you wish, to believe that this clapped-out, alienating politics – compounded by such gobsmacking acts of cowardice as the failure to oppose the welfare bill – can capture the mood of the nation, reverse Labour’s decline and secure an extra hundred seats. But please stop calling yourself a realist.

URGENT: Military Door 2 Door, Common law, $2K Voucher, Econ Reset- "LogicBeforeAuthority? Traitor, Bullshitter & Communist. E.T. says: (Here we go, gang. Let's all take a trip back down the yellow brick road. And we're off to see The Wizard. Guess who's house we will travel by? Dahboo77's house! Dahboo77 & LogicBeforeAuthority are two peas in a pod. They NEVER get their facts right & they never tell the truth. And you the people PAY for this garbage on the internet? Isn't that a daisy? lmao…

WE ARE THE MEDIA! <3 The rest have sold out and would rather show pics of their dicks than take care of The Peoples Business!

The Big One: 20 Years of Work Filed in Your Behalf of Citizen Rights, Judge Anna, USA, USA INC , We filed the Summation of over 20 years work on behalf of the actual American states owed the land jurisdiction of this country and the living people of the 50 States United. We, the living American People who claim our birthright political standing as American State Nationals are the beneficiaries of our estates, the American State Citizens.

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